Friday, May 8, 2009

Davy Crockett

Fess Parker was Walt Disney's Davy Crockett. Boy did that series go over. Fess had every little boy in the United States wearing faux coon skin caps. What was it about that show? Later, Fess took on the role as television's Daniel Boone. Talk about a big leap. Come to think of it...did Fess ever play a character that didn't wear a coon-skin cap? Oh yeah - he was in Hell Is For Heros. He probably wore the coonskin under his helmet.

I used to get Fess Parker and Clint Walker mixed up. Clint was the guy that couldn't sing but shared the same soul as Fess. Okay Okay - so people can't share souls. Maybe Fess Parker and Clint Walker are actually twins separated at birth. They are two actors that are too much alike. I really think that if one of them were sick, they could fill in for each other and no one would be the wiser.

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