Sunday, May 3, 2009

band of brothers

Mother called early yesterday morning to tell me that my cousin Eric Chunn was going to be in town. I hadn't seen Eric in well over 12 years. We spent a lot of time of our youth together...a lot of time. Eric is two years younger than I am and he looked up to me. Two years was a big difference in age back then. We spent many many days together playing Army in the woods, playing with our G.I. Joes, little green army men, or reading Sgt. Rock or Sgt. Fury comic books. We shared the same interests. We both fought Nazi's - from full scale imaginary combat to 12" action figure combat - to 1.5" scale little green army men scale combat. Our time together was spent continuing the fight that was won decades before.

It was great seeing Eric again. We shared a lot of memories - talking like kids as if childhood were not that long ago. We talked about politics. We talked about life. We talked about God and where He has brought us safe thus far.

I realized yesterday while coming home from our reunion that Eric isn't just a cousin - but my brother.  I realized that Eric and I share so much together in this life - that we are closer akin than I previously had thought.

Driving homeward down Rainbow Drive - I was thinking about all my brothers that I share through the blood DNA of Jesus Christ. I have a larger family than I had previously thought. I have many brothers that I have come to know and love like brothers born of the same womb. Thank you God for my comrades, my friends, this band of brothers.

Thank you God for Jose'. Jose' was there amid the hardest years of my life. God used this man to reach out to me to keep my spirit from being broken. Thank you God for Jerry - all the laughter through every season. All those days I spent with Dan - sharing poetry, song, and all the laughter - tears of laughter. Laughter is good medicine. Michael is my brother that never seemed to mind my rough edges. He too was there to laugh, soar high above me with his guitar, sing harmony to my awkward early attempts. Doug Moore is my brother that I rarely see. We can easily pick up the conversation after years of not seeing one another other. Yes, Bruce is a brother that I love to worship along beside, he gave me the opportunity to first lead in freedom. Donnie is my brother. He was my neighbor in Bowling Green and I still miss him being my neighbor. We had such a great time together. Brook is my brother. I appreciate all that you are. We have the longest history together. Arnie and Jim are gone - but I still love them and tear up thinking about them.

I don't see brothers as much as I'd like. I am here for each one of you nevertheless. I promise to love and give you cover as you have loved and given me cover down through the years. You are each special to me - and words fail to express my thankfulness that I have for these kind men in my life.

I am so very blessed.

A friend loves at all times, a brother is born from adversity.
Proverbs 17:17
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