Saturday, May 9, 2009

cigarette vending machines

Growing up, I remember seeing cigarette vending machines all over town. There was always a huge selection of smokes from which to choose. Why I haven't seen one of these monsters in years. I don't know why the big brewha over those machines. All the kids loved them. Why I remember during recess at R.A. Mitchell elementary school - me and the boys would gather around the school's Clark Gable Memorial Cigarette Vending Machine for an RC and a smoke. Man, those were the days, weren't they?

You know - I don't get what's wrong with people today. My kids keep coming home from school with all kinds of fundraiser objectives for kids to meet. It seems that schools are always in need of money. Heck, I read the paper and see where such and such mega-school was built - and such and such a school got a new gym added on. Schools are building up - adding on like I've never seen them - but I keep getting these slips of paper from my kids asking me to buy or sell cookie dough, scented candles, wrapping paper, home accents, candy etc. Kids today are being used as bait for parents to put out yet even more money.

What we need are vending machines. Not just any vending machines. We need cigarette vending machines everywhere. The Gadsden City School System needs to put cigarette vending machines all around the community with slogans on them that will encourage parents to SMOKE FOR KID's SAKE. This idea can also be used to carry over into gambling for kid's sake. Let's legalize gambling so these machines can be used to bring needed school supplies and equipment to our education system.

I just had a brainstorm. Let's take all those recently abandoned schools around the county and turn them into little learning casinos! Yes, we've got one in Southside, AL, right on Highway 77 (the old Southside High School) that would be a perfect spot for such a grand fundraising endeavor. We could fill the place with all kinds of vices that will bring much needed revenue for our children. Heck, we might even be able to give our educators a much needed raise!

There might be a legal issues that might come up - so we'll want to keep this on the hush-hush. Remember, what goes on in Etowah County - stays in Etowah County...for your kid's sake.
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