Thursday, July 30, 2009

12th Street & Meighan

There is no image for this post. For this particular one, there is no need. Years after the Merita Bread plant closed - it's doors chained and rusted - I would still get a wift of that aroma. I can't explain it. Perhaps ghosts of previous employees were still baking bread in there.

I am sure my senses were being tricked after all those years, rolling down my window every day I drove by that place to breath deep that heavenly aroma of thousands of loaves of bread being baked. I can not describe that incredible warm aroma that would fill ones nostrils and soul. The intersection at 12th and Meighan has always been a busy one. No one likes being stopped at a stop light, but this particular light, allowed the traveler to enjoy a few minutes of bliss. Here one couldn't help but breath deep and sigh.

The old white building was demolished years ago and there in it's place is a car lot. Unfortunately my mind no longer plays it's tricks on me. The ghost aroma from the old factory no longer haunts my olfactory.
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