Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I'll go ahead and post another Moody Blues song since Brook mentioned it in the last comment. 'Question". I was listening to a lot of The Who back then - because Brook had a collection of The Who behind the couch. The area behind the couch in the living room concealed the turntable, of LPs, guitars, amps, etc. It was a messy but nice place...but I digress.

The sound Question is distinctively Moody Blues - but I can't help but think of The Who when listening to it. Could you image Pete Townshend playing guitar part in Question? Could you also image Roger Daltrey singing this song? I always could. You can almost take this song and plop it into the rock-opera 'Tommy'. Question, I guess, because of it's rushing acoustic charge, links my mind to The Who's Overture.

You guys know me - sometimes my mind makes unusual associations. This one, I don't think is that strange.

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