Monday, July 20, 2009

space race and a shake

Who knew that back in 1967 that Jacks Hamburgers had a space program. At least a franchise in Birmingham, Alabama did. That's right, here's visual 8mm poof of a team of young astronauts climbing out of a ship in front of the press. Cuzin' Cliff himself was there to cover the news. I never knew what happened to those brave young boys that Jacks that helped to slip the surly bonds of earth. Where ever star they did reach - I am sure they were stocked with plenty of fifteen cent hamburgers and french fries.

This video is silent, so don't bother trying to turn up the volume. I don't think Jacks had audio back then - maybe that's why we never heard from the crew after takeoff. Jack's probably decided to let the big boys at NASA compete in the space race and Jacks - well - stick to flipping burgers.

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