Thursday, July 2, 2009

leaving earth's atmosphere

Everyone has been talking about dead people this past week. Karl left today. His death wasn't a surprise like Michael Jackson. Last week when I heard that Ed and Farrah had died...I was wondering who was going to be next. You always hear that celebrities die in threes. Karl's passing makes four. Who's next? The Reaper isn't in California for the sun. Stars are falling. As a Christian I offer up a prayer for each one of their souls - and for their families as well. I hope they found Jesus before they met Him face to face.

Celebrities are mortal too. They get sick, age, and die like you and I. There's no face lift, implant, New Age belief, or vitamin that will stop death. We are all terminal. Our days are all numbered. Earth is just our launching pad for the rest of our eternal selves.

I'd like to take this post and ask my fellow citizens of Boomerville, USA if you are right with God. Are you where you need to be spiritually? Is there someone you need to make amends to - forgive or ask for forgiveness? Is there something you need to do this day that you've put off doing toward The Kingdom? You might not have tomorrow. You might not have the rest of this day. Are you where you need to be - if not - what do you need to do to get there?

I have a suggestion. Just do it. Surrender if you need to surrender. Swallow pride if you need to humble yourself. Step out on faith in spite of any fear that might be holding you back. If you don't know what to do - simply ask for help. Let's seize this short time that we are given and find ways to glorify God with our numbered days. There are no easy streets here on Earth. Let's set our hearts and minds toward pursuing God no matter what the cost.

Yours Truly,
David Finlayson

Mayor of Boomerville, USA
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