Thursday, July 9, 2009

perhaps lingering too long on Norman

"The light of hope, however, that lifts my spirit is the knowledge that Larry's profound contribution to the work of God's Kingdom is eternal and that his struggles with his own demons is over."
-Randy Stonehill
February 25, 2008

The past few posts have been on Larry Norman.
I've had Larry on my mind this week for some strange reason. I haven't had time to dig up his CD's and listen to them. A movie was released a few months ago about the man - Fallen Angel: The Outlaw Larry Norman. I doubt if it will ever play in my neck of the woods, but maybe it'll end up online one of these days. Fallen Angel is produced by the same people that recently made the one about Lonnie Frisbee. Frisbee's story has been compared to that of Samson - and Norman to King David. Both movies tell the stories of two very flawed leaders of the Jesus Movement. I have such mixed feelings about these talented men who allowed themselves to be bested by their personal demons. Norman broke Stonehill's heart with his indiscretions - causing a divide between their friendships.

Stonehill did the soundtrack for the movie, and was also interviewed in it. The trailer can be seen on youtube. I don't know what good such a movie does. Does the producer of this film revel in these Christian's failures? Maybe we need to see these lives honestly, not just what we want to see or remember.

I respect Norman's talent and his great contribution to the Jesus Movement. What do you do with evangelists that fall from grace amid the whole world watching? It's all so bittersweet. Frisbee died of AIDS and Norman's heart eventually gave way. The enemy so wants to take out those servants with such great influence. It's heartbreaking. We can not truly serve God and think we can cohabitate with our sins. We truly need to always be pursuing holiness unto the Lord. Yes, there is grace and forgiveness - but our sin - will always taint our offering. God be on all saints living. Keep us true to your calling. Keep us close and help us keep close to you. I don't want to miss your mark with my meager offering.
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