Monday, July 6, 2009

time to run

Time To Run (1973) was a movie put out by World Wide Pictures. For it's day, it was a well made Christian film. Most movies of that era were cheesy flicks which were watched only by captive audiences at youth lock-ins. Time To Run was a big deal. Heck, it was the first Christian propaganda film that I ever remember seeing at a movie theater. It was the first film that I recall that you'd have an alter call at the end of the movie. I kid you not. Sodas, Brown Cows, hot buttered popcorn, and a born again experience. People went to see this movie in droves and people went down to the front when Billy Graham gave an invitation. Clergy and youth directors from all over the country were asked to take part in this great celluloid soul harvest.

I really don't recall much about this movie other than the guy was on the run from God. The movie ended when God finally caught up with the running man and everybody get's saved in the end...including the audience. I remember enjoying the soundtrack. It was Time To Run that I first remember hearing Randy Stonehill. He sang 'I Love You' (from Stonehill's BORN TWICE LP) in which his pal Larry Norman later covered in IN ANOTHER LAND. Stonehill also sang a song called 'Gone Away' which I would love to hear again today.
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