Sunday, December 21, 2008

ah the good life

I have been reminded on countless occasions through out my life what was like as a child. The most recounted story of my babyhood was my love for fried chicken legs. Here is the photo proof of how I enjoyed eating fried chicken legs. Mom and Dad would tell me that I would stand up in my high-chair and eat a fried chicken leg and then toss the bone across the room as I was finished with each leg.

To this day, the idea still appeals to me. I don't think it's the way grown-ups should behave mind you. I just look at this photo and wonder what it would be like to go to KFC or Popeyes - stand on a table or chair and eat my chicken legs and throw what is left of the carcass anywhere I damn well please. Though the action still seems appealing for some strange reason - I know that I would get arrested or at least asked to leave the establishment.

Life as a baby is simple bliss. You can throw food where ever you want and if you got to go - just download in your diapers right where you are. That's right, back then we didn't even have to be concerned with our own tinkle or poop. Fortunately we've all have come a long way - most of us anyway. I look at my little six year old daughter. She's learning responsibilities a day at a time. She's not as messy as she used to be. Thank goodness. I look at her and see a lot of me in her. For now I will pick up her discarded bones and learn to duck and laugh a little. Remind myself that God and my parents were gracious and patient with me.
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