Monday, December 22, 2008

the night the animals didn't get it

There was an ABC Network Christmas special that came out back in 1970 called The Night The Animals Talked. I've made mulitple attempts to post the original ABC promo of it from YouTube - but it won't work for me. This stupid attempt at a Christmas Special aired for many years afterward during the Christmas holidays. I didn't see it until the mid to late seventies, until I was in my late teens. I enjoyed animation (Disney & Warner Bros) but didn't care for the cheap looking animation that were churned out in abundance back then. Anyway, when I finally did watch it - do you know what it was all about? Do you know why the animals talked? Would you like to know what this show boiled down to? The animals at the nativity didn't talk because Jesus was born - that Jesus - the very Son of God was born in the form of man. The animals at the manger talked because they were witness to the birth of a child. That's it. The miracle in this story was that childbirth itself was the Christmas miracle - the birthing process! The animals talked not because our Savior was born, but because a human child was born. Just goes to show that animals need to remain dumb.

From ABC Network...this Holiday Season...from our crumby network to you...let's take Christ out of Christmas!
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