Friday, December 26, 2008

western auto

Michael mentioned Western Auto Store in my last post. Anytime I think of Western Auto, I think of bicycles. Western Auto had the bikes. Just before the Western Auto closed in our town (late 80's) - I went and bought some assecories for my new mountain bike. My last purchase was a bike chain, pad lock, and bicycle pump. I also bought a handle-bar bag to carry the lock and chain.

I pulled my old bike down from the wall a few weeks ago. I cut that old worn out bag off the handle bars. I thought of that last trip to Western Auto as I tossed it into the trash.
I never went into that little store and go straight to a particular section. I'd go in and walk up and down each aisle and check out anything new. Funny thing - they rarely had much of anything new.

Back when I was mowing the lawn at my dad's law office or at our Ponderosa sized yard at home - Western Auto Store was where I'd go to get lawnmower parts.
Western Auto was a great franchise.
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