Tuesday, June 30, 2009

blue jays

Justin Hayward and John Lodge (of Moody Blues) came out with 'Blue Jays' album back in 1975. It was wonderful ride and one of my favorite albums of that time. This album wasn't intended to be Jesus Music - but I listened to it as such. There was a local band at the time that I've mentioned from time to time, PSALM, that was a Christian group in the area (from Centre, AL). They had the same ethereal quality to their music. Barry Goss and Arnie Sanford mingled their voices like Justin Hayward and John Lodge. I wished that they had recorded.

'Blue Jays', like most of the Moody Blues music, was a rock band with a large sound - a vast orchestral sound scape. I used to put the head phones on as a teenager and simply fall into this album. When the last song played out - I would flip it back over to Side A and fall all over again.

This YouTube video is "Blue Guitar' which wasn't on the original 'Blue Jays' album - but added as a bonus track when the CD version was releases in 1987. Blue guitar....hmmmm. Maybe it was Jesus Music after all.

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