Sunday, March 1, 2009

and now the rest of the story

Paul Harvey died yesterday. He never quit - he kept going as his voice weakened and faded in time. He lost his voice for three months back in 2001 - thinking he'd lost it for good. He gave God the glory for restoring his voice. He continued on - he never quit - never retired. He kept on after his wife (and business partner) Lynne died in May of last year. Occasionally he would speak of her on his show and his voice would give a little - but he kept on.

This Monday, after fifty years, Paul won't be behind his microphone. He has gone home, rejoined with his loved ones. There will not be a silence in his wake. His mantle rest upon the shoulder of his son, Paul Harvey Jr, whose voice and views on life and times are just as familiar as his father's.

Paul Harvey's voice carried a long way, from before my time. I heard him on the radio through out my early years. He was always there - and now he's not. Paul Harvey, Jr said after his dad's passing
"So in the past year, an industry has lost it's godparents and today millions have lost a friend." I believe America feels that way about Paul Harvey, he was more than an broadcasting icon, he was a friend to us all. God speed.

"Don't let noisy news distress you, don't let the headline writers rain on your parade...My goodness, there's resiliency in this country we've not yet begun to use."

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-Paul Harvey

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