Friday, March 6, 2009

little cowboys everywhere

The above is a picture of my older brother and sister, Brooky and Jennie, playing cowboy together.

There was a time when little cowboys and cowgirls were everywhere. I am sure there are many of you ever aging boomers out there that have photos of yourselves dressed in your western duds - with your Radio Flyer wagons circled to fight off them Injuns. I sure do miss the politically incorrect days.

Westerns were very popular in the 50's and 60's. Little kids wanted to emulate their favorite movie or television stars. Probably the brightest cowboy star to shine from radio, film & television was none other than the King of the Cowboys himself - Roy Rogers. Roy formed Sons of the Pioneers, and later graduated to the silver screen where he rode along side the greatest movie cowboy of all time - John Wayne. Roy's radio show eventually crossed-over into a very popular television show, The Roy Roger's Show, that was loved by kids everywhere. Roy Rogers had a big influence my generation when we were jest little sprigs. You might say that it was quite the phenomina. Both Roy Rogers and his wife Dale Evans were very popular in their time. Both were devout Christians and great advocates for adoption. Roy and Dale wore white hats in a time when white hats really meant something. They were bona fide true to life - real good guys. HAPPY TRAILS, their theme song was written by Dale Evans. Almost any baby-boomer can sing the song word for word at the drop of a white hat. The song is a classic with a beautiful sentiment - yes Roy and Dale - happy trails to you until we meet again!
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