Monday, March 23, 2009

this is just wrong

This Batman squirt gun is wrong on so many levels. The first thing you notice is that Gotham's favorite caped crusader has a trigger in a naughty place. I didn't notice until posting this image where the plug is located. Need I bother pointing out other obvious features of this old boy toy that strikes of perverted. This was a real toy ladies and gentlemen - a real toy. Surely someone at the toy company that manufactured this item knew what was being put out. Surely someone along the assembly line were snickering.

There has been speculation of Batman and The Boy Wonder's sexuality. The creators of the comic book super heroes said that Batman and Robin were not meant to be gay (maybe they were just drawn that way). Poor guys - Bruce and Dick are seen around each other constantly (in and out of costume) and someone is bound to think something of it. Don't these guys deserve a little slack? Must we assume that just because someone is working, living, and sleeping together, that they must be homosexual? Well?!!!
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