Wednesday, March 4, 2009

magic bus

Jimmy, a friend of mine, has a cool old VW bus. Jimmy is a drummer and his bus is basically a rolling drum case. It's true, Jim plays a good bit and the cargo area allows the perfect amount of space for his equipment.

I love the look of the old VW buses.

I posted not too long ago about a friend of mine, Jim Young, whose dad had a VW bus. Back in the CB radio (got yer ears on) days of the seventies, they were referred to as micro-buses. These vans were around long before mini-vans rolled into the picture. Even though a VW is a mini sized van - I can't bring myself to call them mini vans.
VW buses are one of the many icons of the rebellious sixties. Even the Pixar animation CARS has a hippy car character that's a VW bus. I don't recall ever seeing a painted up psychedelic bus when I was a kid because I didn't grow up in California. I grew up in Alabama. I saw plenty of hippies and painted VW buses on television - but not too many up close.

The buses, like the bugs, have a certain mystique about them. I see fewer of them than I do the beetles and bugs these days. It's always nice to pull up at church and see Jimmy unloading his kit from his rolling drum case. Peace brother.
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