Thursday, March 19, 2009

dad can i borrow the car?

This is a 1970 short by Disney, narrated by a young Kurt Russell. The film is a take on the car culture of the 1960's. This is a two part YouTube video and worth watching both parts if you have the time and interest. I remember watching this on Wonderful World of Disney decades ago. I particularly remember the show's intro - the racing pen stripes.

Funny how the clean cut actor, Kurt Russell, of Disney ended up starring in movies like The Thing, Escape from New York, and Death Proof.

There is an old comedy that Kurt starred in that I'd like to watch again called Used Cars (1980). I remember seeing that one at the Rebel Drive-In as a second feature. Until that time - I never thought of Kurt as an comedic actor - let alone an action star. He'd redefine himself through out the eighties.

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