Monday, March 16, 2009

Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

This movie is why I don't own a cat. Who knows if and when I'll be exposed to some kind of radiation and start shrinking. What if I started getting smaller and all the doctors, scientist and kings horses and men equipped with all that modern medicine has to offer can't stop me from my ever shrinking disease. What if all the Viagra and Cialis in the world could not stop me from becoming smaller than an atom. I don't want a predatory cat in my house - nor do I want spiders in my basement.

If I start getting small - the first thing I am going to do is go to Radio Shack and buy one of those Stuart Little cars. I'm also going to get me one of those soldering irons for personal defense. I'm going to buy me a lot of firecrackers and keep my powder dry. I'm going to be ready for when that day comes. I'm going to be the last little man standing. I'm going to be like a wee little Omega Man. I'm going to go out in the blaze of teeny tiny glory.

Do any of you remember seeing this movie? I remember watching it on Tom York's Dialing for Dollars (out of Birmingham, AL) after school. The introduction of the atomic age brought us all kinds of scary movies from Hollywood in throughout the fifties. There were giant men, giant women, giant ants, giant spiders. It seems that exposure to radiation made objects get huge. This movie though - a guy get's small. This is probably the greatest nightmare a guy could possibly imagine happen to himself.

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