Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Remco Tiger Joe!

This post is for Michael Bynum.

I wanted the Tiger Joe Tank too, but it was off the market by the time I knew they existed. There was a kid who lived down at the end of Red Oak Road that had one of these bad boys. It was no longer functional, but still cool never the less.

The Remco Tiger Joe Tank wasn't remote control. There was a wire that ran to a hand-held control box. I've seen a few remnants of Tiger Joes at antique stores from time to time. I found the hull of one in an Attalla consignment shop that I nearly bought to give to Michael.

A few years ago I saw a 1/6 scale remote control tank at Walmart for a little over $100.00. Ouch! The little kid in me still wanted my Tiger Joe - and that tank at at Walmart could run circles around that Tiger Joe.

I passed on the tank. What would my wife say if I came home with a hundred dollar chunk of plastic? It wasn't a small toy...where would I park it? I really thought about it folks. The tank was so big that I would have to park it in my garage.

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