Monday, June 1, 2009

Captain Action!

Back in 1966 Ideal toys tried to best Hasbro's G.I. Joe with their very own action figure - Captain Action. Action was a quirky kind of toy with big ambitions. Captain Action was a guy that could apparently acquire super powers of Super Man, AquaMan, Batman, The Phantom merely by putting on their costumes. I kid you not. All a kid had to do was get mom and dad to keep buying the super hero costumes so Captain Action could keep morphing into all his different childhood heroes. There was a Steve Canyon outfit, The Lone Ranger, Buck Rogers and even a Sgt. Fury mask and outfit. I never owned this action figure but remember it being on the market. Frankly I think the poor captain had an identity problem. I guess if I had a tacky outfit like his Captain Action outfit - I'd want a change of clothes too.
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