Tuesday, June 2, 2009

mini me

Mother brought this page of photos to the office yesterday. I had started a scrapbook in which I only filled in one page. It had taken me six years to fill in just one scrapbook page. I don't know where the 2nd - 2nd grade picture is. I was held back (FAILED) in second as a kid. It was a traumatic experience for me back then. All my classmates moved ahead and there I was sitting in a classroom of strangers. Even though my 2nd-2nd grade photo is missing from this page - the glue blotch on this page some how seems appropriate.

Brook always said that I reminded him of Eddie Munster. Looking at these photographs I must agree - especially the first grade shot. I had a real nice widow's peak going for me. As you can see I have a uni-brow. Though I keep it cut back these days - I still draw it in when doing cartoon self portraits.

I like the fifth grade photo. Me wearing an ascot! I had become quite the playboy by that time. Well...when I say playboy...I was a boy and I liked to play. I'd much rather play that go to school.
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