Monday, June 8, 2009

drawn to my hero

I ran across this illustration I rendered of John Wayne at the time The Cowboys (1972) was being being made. I remember I was sitting at a school desk at General Forrest Junior High School reading a LIFE magazine article that was chock full of photos of the movie.

I was a big John Wayne fan through out my childhood - and still am today. I drew this picture from a photo taken from that magazine. I remember really working hard at this image - wanting with all my heart that the picture actually looked like The Duke when it was finished.

At the time there was a contest in which the winner could be one of the young cowboys in this movie. Man, I wanted to be one of those kids who rode along with John Wayne.
Finding this picture today brings back the anticipation I felt waiting for that movie to be released - the hopes of actually being in a John Wayne movie. I remember being very proud of this picture - having drawn something that turned out pretty darn good for a thirteen years old.

The Cowboys is the first time I remember seeing Bruce Dern. I not only noticed him - but took note never to turn my back on that dirty rotten back shoot'n scoundrel.
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