Sunday, June 7, 2009

favorite album as a kid

Michael Bynum's (aka: Mr. 1950's) post today regarding old console stereo units reminded me of my most favorite album in the who wide world when I was a kid. It was called Stories & Songs of the Civil War, from the RCA Victor's Bluebird Children's Recording Catalog. It was narrated by Ralph Bellamy and chock full of authentic songs of the North & South. My favorite song on the album was Goober Peas. I loved the cover art of this album. It would be great to have a copy of this album today. I don't know what ever happened to our copy. The Finlayson clan probably wore the thing out. I'd love to have it if not just for the album cover art.

peas peas peas peas
eat'n goober peas
goodness how delicious
eat'n goober peas!
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