Friday, June 5, 2009

Uncle Pat's visit

I posted the top photo at the Boomerville, USA facebook a while back. Jose' said it looked like that day in Dallas. Actually this is that day in Gadsden. The arrival of my dad's younger brother Uncle Pat from Macon, Georgia was always a highly anticipated event. I actually remember this particular visit. Pat would usually drive up in a new car. This is one of my favorite cars that Pat ever owned. As I got older, he'd pay me to wash his car and after passing inspection, would pay me a handsome some and usually treat me to a movie. After I learned how to drive, he'd hand me the keys (of his Audi, Volvo, or whatever he owned at the time) and let me tool around town with him. Uncle Pat enjoyed tooling around.

In the top photo, Pat is standing outside of the car instructing a very mini-me to look at the camera. Jennie and Irene are sharing the backseat with me. Dad is up front looking like he's ready to cruise.

You can tell by these photos that the Pat's shiny new pink convertible was the center of attention. The bottom photo is of Finlayson and neighborhood kids. I guess the word spread around the neighborhood of the legend of Uncle Pat and some kids dropped by to see what the hubbub was all about. I will try to identify as many as I can in this photo from left to right. David (me), Irene, Brooky, Jennie, ?, Ed Murphy?, Wesley Ellis. If any of my siblings can identify their childhood friends in this photo - I'd appreciate it.
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