Tuesday, June 16, 2009

remembering NIGHT FLIGHT and a good LP

I was introduced to Michael Smotherman's music through USA Network's NIGHT FLIGHT. NIGHT FLIGHT preceded MTV by a few years, and was by far the better show. NF showed not only music videos but independent films / animation, music documentaries - long before MTV ever got the idea. NF aired late at night on Friday & Saturday's. The show would was four hours long and when it was over - it would start all over again. MTV had a more polished image and ran 24/7- 365. NIGHT FLIGHT, was unpolished and definitely not a slick production. I liked it because of it's great variety off off the wall entertainment. It showed some weird stuff and some pretty cool stuff. You just never knew what you were going to get in that box of chocolates. Night Flight showcased music videos as an art form and not a marketing tool for record companies. Yep, NIGHT FLIGHT was the better show.

This video "Freedom's Legacy" by Michael Smotherman is a very good song. The video itself however has not withstood the test of time. It looks like Michael is getting ready to fight The Great Laser Tag War of 2034. The music is quite captivating and yet the visuals give me a good chuckle.

I don't mean to single out this video as bad. The bad music videos far out number the good videos. I just think the song itself still has merit and is actually dragged down by the video. Then again, if this music video had never been made of the song - I never would have heard the song.
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