Sunday, January 4, 2009


William Cameron Menzies was responsible for the fabulous visuals experienced in Gone With The Wind, Thief Of Bagdad, and Around The World In Eighty days. He's also responsible for that eerie passage way to the sand pit in INVADERS FROM MARS!

The story begins one night when a little boy notices a flying saucer landing in the field - a sand pit behind his house. His dad tucks him back into bed and tells him to go back to sleep. Knowing that his son is not one for making up stories - he decides to walk out back and check his son's story out.

The next day little David wakes up to discover his dad seemed different - and then more and more people in his community begin to change. David didn't know who to trust. It wasn't long before his dad took his mom down the path to see something interesting at the sand pit.

This feature was horrific for it's day - at least to a little boy. A kid's just got to have to know he's got his parents to run to - especially when invaded by aliens. In this movie - a kid get's his parents taken from him.

The sets are sparce -definitely a B movie - yet definitely a cult classic. The story is solid and there is a perfect odd feel about the movie. I can't call it campy - because it still works. There have been many sci-fi/horror movies made since - but very few of them can give you the creeps like this movie. INVADERS FROM MARS has plenty of flaws, but it hits the mark where it counts. Fifty years later and this is still a spooky film.

The movie was remade back in the eighties - but is was a pathetic attempt. Leave well enough alone guys - Menzies knew what he was doing.

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