Saturday, January 31, 2009

a loose monkee

Michael Nesmith was the guitarist in the other fab four - the first manufactured band. Many nick-named The Monkees - The Pre-Fab Four. Michael is a very talented singer/songwriter and a funny guy. I wasn't a fan of the television show but later grew to appreciate the music they eventually really made together. It wasn't until they started making it big that Nesmith proved to the powers that be that The Monkees could make their own music and did just that!

My brother in-law, Randall Dan Noojin (aka: Carl), and I used to rent his comedy videos back in the eighties. Back in the eighties, Michael Nesmith made some comedies that were released straight to video. One of the most memorable is the Rodanne - a spoof of his own hit song Joanne. Dan and I by the way were the first Beavis & Butthead (nothing to brag about mind you). We'd sit through out the night watching USA's Nightflight - that is until we just couldn't stay awake.

It was Michael Bynum that introduced me to Nesmith's post-monkee work. That's right, Micahel Nesmith had a career after The Monkees - a good one at that! For a while Nesmith went country and is considered on of the pioneers of what is country-rock. Heck, the guy should've been wearing a coon-skin cap instead of that old toboggan.

Michael Nesmith by the way was the guy that came up with the concept for MTV. He's been called the stepfather of MTV. He originally worked up an idea and produced a thirty minute pilot forcalled Nickelodeon called Pop Clips which was never produced. The concept was later sold to Time/Warner and repackaged as MTV (Music Television). MTV was fun to watch when it first aired - but quickly went downhill by the mid-eighties. Go Google Michael Nesmith - he's still out there swinging baby!

P.S. Did you know that Michael Nesmith's mom, Bette Nesmith Grahm, was the inventor of Liquid Paper (1956). Greatness runs in the family.
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