Monday, January 5, 2009

a very Brady Gina

This is a picture of Gina taken at ten years old. Both Katie and Kelsey when shown this photo didn't recognize their mom as a little girl. You should have seen Kelsey's (6yrs) little face after I identified the body. "That's mommy?"

There's a lot of Gina in both of my girls. I don't have to imagine what Gina was like as a kid - because I see a lot of Gina in their ways. Don't ask - I jest know. I think Katie favors her mother a little more. They seem to have the same light in them. Though both of my little girls are daddy's girls - Katie - like Gina - rarely enter or leave a room with out saying "I love you" or wanting a hug or a kiss.

One story I heard about Gina as a little girl was on most Sunday mornings - she'd go from room to room telling her mom and dad - sister and brother - that "I love you!" Gina is that way - a very affectionate person...with a devoted love. I don't recall a day in my life that she hasn't said I love you or want a hug. Katie is that way too.

I think you can see in this photograph that little light that can still be seen.
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