Friday, January 30, 2009

sail away

Randy Newman has been around for a quite some time now. His first record release was back in 1968. Sail Away is probably the first song that I ever heard of his. It was featured in the Norman Lear movie COLD TURKEY. Newman has done countless movie scores since. He's one of the best there is. I guess it's in his blood - he's related to three other great Hollywood film-score composers on his mom's side of the family. Randy had three uncles by the name of Alfred Newman, Lionel Newman and Emil Newman. You'll find those names familiar if you watch a lot of Turner Classic Movies.

Don't think you've ever heard any of Randy Newman's work before? You have. You have if you've watched Three Amigos, Toy Story, and Cars. He's featured in almost all of the Pixar animations. He wrote and sings the theme to MONK (tv). Randy is everywhere man!

My favorite albums of Randy Newmans are SAIL AWAY and LITTLE CRIMINALS.

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