Friday, February 20, 2009

airplane glue is a lot of fun

Assembling scale models were a favorite past time for boys back in the 1950's-60's. That's the era when scale modeling hit it's peak in popularity. The names Revell and Aurora come to mind. They were the two top model makers of that time. I remember my older brother Brook gluing together some nice looking WWII fighter planes and some PT boats. He had the PT boats displayed on the long window ledge in our bedroom.

These models were too cool for a little brother to just keep his grubby little mits off. I remember getting a little carried away with one of Brook's airplane models after seeing the movie 633 Squadron. I was humming the theme to the movie as the plane dropped it's bomb but couldn't pull out in time to miss our bedroom door frame. Brook wasn't too thrilled about the loss. I think I also took out a PT boat or two too.

There were kids that liked building classic monster models. I liked to build fighter planes, WWII vehicles and the like. I once put together a Vietnam era Huey helicopter model. I preferred using the Testor's glue in a tube. I once ran out of it and found a bottle of the liquid airplane glue. I didn't bother to read the label. I remember I was trying to put together a jeep - but things started getting real fuzzy. Brook walked in the bedroom door and saw me on the floor - or should I say three inches off the floor - with an accidental glue high glaze in my eyes. He knew by the odor what I had done. He got me out of the room and took me outside so I could get some fresh air and clear my head. My poor Willis Jeep model looked as if it were assembled by Picasso.

To this day there is still a model that I'd like to put together. I noticed several months ago while at Hobby Lobby that there was a nice looking B-17 Flying Fortress kit there. I didn't get it at the time because I've got too much cool stuff already as it is. I think there is a big kid in me. I think there is still a big kid in most men - willing to spend a Saturday afternoon with a scale model kit.
For what it's worth Brook - I'm sorry.
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