Saturday, February 14, 2009

holy strawberries Batman - are we in a jam!

There were a lot of television personalities back in the sixties that tried to cross over into music stardom. Burt Ward who played Robin in the old BATMAN television series was one of those weak attempts. Frank Zappa scored the music to this terrible song. Frank Zappa pieced together actual fan mail to Ward to write the lyrics for BOY WONDER I LOVE YOU. The only problem is that this Robin couldn't sing. Not a chirp! That's why this song is narrated rather than sung. This song is just as bad as Leonard Nemoy's BILBO BAGGINS that I posted last year.

Did you know that Burt Ward had a black belt in Karate? That being the case, it seems that he should have brought a little more realism to all those fight scenes. Poor Burt was injured countless times while shooting BATMAN. Adam West's costume concealed enough of the Batman that he could have a stunt man during the action sequences. Burt Ward on the other hand, couldn't use a stunt man because so much of his face was recognizable. He had to do most of his own stunts.

Burt passed up the role that was later given to Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate. He opted to sign back on to another season of Batman. He wasn't paid that much for doing the show and found himself financially hard up not long after the show ended. So hard up - I guess is why he ended up taking on roles in soft porn in the years to follow.

By the way, you don't have to suffer through the entire song. I wouldn't expect that from you.

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