Thursday, February 19, 2009


Chuck Conners was most known for his show The Rifleman(1958-63). I remember watching Branded (1965-66) after Rifleman went off the air. Branded was about a U.S. Calvary captain who was quite literally drummed out of the military because he was falsely accused of cowardice. Chuck's character roamed out into the Old West donning his broken saber and defending his manhood. "...they said he ran away - not a word of it was true." Gee whiz, if only all those people trying to challenge him would have just listened to the theme song - they'd know he wasn't a coward!

Branded wasn't as good as The Rifleman, but I liked ol' Chuck. I remember the show being in black, but it was that time in the mid-sixties when television was changing into color. Everything was IN COLOR or IN LIVING COLOR!

I remember Chuck Conner's later playing a bad guy in a movie. I don't recall the movie, but it was so odd seeing him play an evil character.

Back when I was in elementary school - the boys had different words for the Branded theme song.

on the toilet bowl
what do you do when you're stranded
and you don't have a roll

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