Monday, February 16, 2009

visiting uncle pat

This is the brick wall at my father's brother Patillo Ainsworth Finlayson's old house on 880 Pinewood Drive in Macon, GA. Uncle Pat sold the house a few years ago. It felt strange going through the empty house, boxing up his belongs for his move to Columbia, South Carolina. Every time I look at that brick wall surrounding Pat's carport, I think of this photo, and I think of how I too used to climb it during family trips to Macon. The above photo is of Brooky, Jennie, and Irene. I am a year younger than Irene, so I was probably too little to climb up let alone balance atop that wall. This is a great photo of my older siblings.

The photo below is a picture taken years later from across the street (Pinewood). That looks like Irene and I guess that's me walking away from the camera. I see my Aunt Jennie Llew Guyton's stationwagon parked in the drive. So I am sure Pat's little house was full of Finlaysons - H.W. Finlayson family, Rutha Dyal, Murdock Finlayson, Florrence Finlayson, Jennie Llew and of course Pat. I can assure you that no one had a bed to themselves during that visit!
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