Tuesday, February 24, 2009

matchbox cars

I think the first Matchbox Car I ever owned was a little yellow jeep that looked just like this one. It was just as beat-up too - so I think I got it second hand. Brook was always kind enough to buy his little brother discounted toys from time to time. Maybe it was a gift of his young generosity. You can imagine by now that the little yellow jeep was my favorite Matchbox car. I found out that this jeep was issued in 1966. There's a picture of one on-line in better shape but I favor this well used looking one - because it looks like my old favorite.

I remember going to birthday parties at the skating rink when I was a kid. If you were a birthday boy and invited a bunch of your friends over, you got a lot of the same things. You'd get Matchbox Cars, Slinky's, Super Balls, Silly Putty, or Frisbees. All of these toys were relatively new on the market and very m
uch appreciated. It didn't matter if you got 4 Super Balls, and 6 eggs of Silly Putty, and 2 Match Box Cars - it was all Neat-O!

Most of you know that I liked guns, G.I. Joes, little green army men, and authentic army surplus. I did play with Matchbox Cars. I remember when Hot Wheels came out. Hot Wheels then became the desired gift for birthday boys. Hot Wheels had wheels that rolled better and the cars seemed flashier and racier. So do you remember when Match Box cars came in little cardboard boxes made to resemble matchboxes? It's kind of funny. If you are ever in a toy department at Walmart - check out the Hot Wheel and Matchbox section. You'll always find a couple of grown men checking them out. Sure, you're buying them for your kid....suuuure.
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