Friday, February 6, 2009

james whitmore

James Whitmore was a wonderful character actor, a face I saw countless times on the big and little screen alike. He played in one of my all time favorite movies, BATTLEGROUND. If you're a baby-boomer kid growing up - you've seen this man play countless rolls down through the decades. I am sure you all have your favorite movie or television roll in which he starred or co-starred. The earliest movie I remember was in the horror classic THEM. He had a face that you can't forget, always with a strong screen presence. As a kid, his was the kind of face that I wanted to see on every policeman, fireman, preacher, or president. His was the face of the neighbor next door. His was a good face. For a young boy, he was a symbol of adulthood. I always felt that this man had to be as kind and good as the rolls he played. Surely I am not the only one of my generation who feels this way. James was born in 1921, and passed away today at the age of 87. He was a great actor and will be remembered by all the citizenship of Boomerville, USA.
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