Wednesday, February 11, 2009

man on the run

David Janssen's was a guy we baby- all knew well. David played Dr. Richard Kimball in the popular television show THE FUGITIVE (1963-1967). Janssen did HARRY'O in the seventies, but I could watch him has Harry'O and not think of the running man Kimball. The reason I am writing about David Janssen is because I saw a show last night that had a guy with a huge pair of sideburns. I thought to myself, "Wow - those are bigger than David Janssen's!" You see, by the time the early seventies rolled around, David Janssen, started growing his hair a little longer and started sporting a HUGE-HUGE pair of sideburns. He almost started looking like a lion they were so huge. I tried Googling for an image of him during that era, but the search wasn't fruitful. You'll just have to take my word for it until you see him in something. David Janssen had probably the largest sideburns known to modern man. Janssen was in some movies on the silver screen, but he did tons of made for television movies. The one I remember the most (and liked) was a movie called BIRDS OF PREY (1973). David played an ex-military pilot who works for a radio station as a traffic helicopter pilot/reporter. One day this whirly-bird guy is up and around doing his job and becomes eye witness to a bank robbery and hostage situation. He follows in pursuit as the bad guys make their get away in a car and later take to the air in a helicopter. It's been decades since I saw the movie, but I remember it being a nice ride.
This is David Janseen when he sang with Art Garfunkle
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