Wednesday, February 4, 2009

drink up boys

Michael commented on those wax candies that looked like tiny coke bottles. What you had to do was bite off the cap in order to drink the fruit juice inside. They still make'm Michael - though I don't know hwy they should. I think if they are going to do it - they should do it right and make the wax bottles big enough to hold at least six ounces of that sweet nectar. Those little wax vials contained less than a sip in each. I never understood the idea of wax candies. Yes, I remember those little bottles. I also remember the wax straws, the orange wax pan-flutes, and the big red wax lips.

I remember buying the big red wax lips but never ate them. As a kid, I bought them for looks. Women today should buy these instead of having to keep applying lipstick though out the day. Their lips would look red, shiny and plump all the time. Wax lips are cheaper than buying lipstick. The big bonus for the guy is that women would have to keep their mouths shut to in order to maintain that sexy look they would have going on. I say it's a winner all around. It sure would beat lip injections. Warning: Do not try to put these in your pocket to enjoy later. Wax candies have a tendency to take on all the lint in your trouser pockets and do not retain it's shape in there. Do not leave them in your trouser pockets when it's wash day. The dryer does strange things to wax candies in a pocket. No big lose - because I didn't like the flavor of wax candies. I'd just as soon eat a candle.
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